Minutes of the first meeting at IWA congress Berlin 2001

41 people were present and signed in as founding members of the group. It was agreed that a group on 'Ecological Sanitation' (Eco.San) is needed as the subjects gets more and more attention. This group shall direct its focus towards systems permitting nutrient reuse, mainly by source separation. Water reuse is covered by the IWA specialist group on reuse of wastewater, cooperation needed. Full agricultural reuse of treated wastewater with proper nutrient dosage might meet the nutrient aims of 'Ecological Sanitation' with conventional technology but is not covered by the Eco.San-group, since these systems are well covered by the specialist group on reuse of wastewater. The Eco.San group shall focus on product oriented systems and cover of the whole range from high- over medium- to low-tech systems. Hygiene, socio-economic considerations, technical performance and maintenance as well as implications on resource usage and environment are key issues and institutional issues shall also be included. Many concepts are decentral and therefore cooperation with the IWA group 'Small WWTP' and 'Constructed Wetlands' does make sense. We are aware that a link to agriculture is very important and do luckily have members from this field. 'Sustainable Sanitation' is understood in the same way as 'Ecological Sanitation' and 'Environmental Sanitation' A first specialised conference shall take part in Hamburg, 2003. Ideas for alternatives can still be considered. We ask Su.San members to contribute all ideas and mail us web-sites and literature- hints for this special subject to info@ecosan.org. Ralf Otterpohl was elected chair and Håkan Jönsson co-chair. We are looking for volunteers for managment comitee members from all continents (please mail your suggestions). The setup of a Eco.San homepage is intended. However, this group is not 'official' jet. There is an IWA Executive Committee meeting on 22 January 2002 and if all goes well we should be able to get the new group ratified at this meeting with the help of Keith.