Aalborg University

The second year of the GTIME program at Aalborg University (AAU) (Denmark) with its specialisation in Entrepreneurial Engineering develops mind-sets and skills that enable students to create and realise new value for people and organisations. The students will bring a variety of different - mostly - technical competences into the programme, and the purpose is to creatively combine these technical competences with business savvy in order to create new value. From idea to reality - from thought to action.

Business creation and business development competences are keys to the global business arena of the future. Furthermore, such competences are a requisite for a range of knowledge-based organisations, from large to small and medium-sized private companies, start-up companies, as well as public services. Through the study programme, students have the opportunity to acquire the tools, methods, knowledge of processes, as well as an organisational and managerial understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship that will allow them to make a difference.

The semesters within the specialisation in Entrepreneurial Engineering are based on three generic activities, which are part of the process of creating new value: Discovery, Incubation and Acceleration. Discovery explores new opportunities, Incubation is about developing and testing new concepts, and Acceleration deals with realising new value. All three activities are incorporated in the GTIME students’ Master’s thesis as they can add whichever perspective they might find interesting to the project.

Another core competency of Aalborg University is its problem based project approach which is applied in different in group works. Students will be working closely with peers most of the time, and they are required to be present at the university on a daily basis and spend most of their day there. “The Aalborg Model for Problem Based Learning” is a method which is highly recognised internationally, and the university is host to a successful UNESCO chair in Problem Based Learning in Engineering Education and a Centre for PBL and Sustainability approved by UNESCO.

As a G-TIME graduate with a specialisation in Entrepreneurial Engineering, you have a variety of job options. Your skill profile is attractive for many types of companies and organisations in need of business development, including large private and public companies, small and medium-sized companies, start-up companies, as well as municipalities, regions and governmental agencies. Future job titles of successful graduates may be project manager, entrepreneur/CEO/CTO, business developer, process consultant, innovations manager or product and business developer.

For further questions regarding the second year in Aalborg, please contact:

Frank Gertsen
Mobile: +45 4015 8943
Email: fgertsen@business.aau.dk