Kaunas University of Technology

During the second-year specialisation in Technology Venturing at KTU students will gain a broad understanding of the topic based on modules structured around the following topics:

How to initiate technology venturing and develop business model for technology driven business? How to build a successful team for venturing and create a successful start-up? What are the differences between an idea and true opportunity and how to search for promising business opportunities? How to gather the resources necessary to create a great company and leverage venture capital? How to pitch business ideas to investors and manage stakeholder relations? How to assess business value and monitor business growth? What is entrepreneurial leadership in a large company? How to take advantage of doing business within the networks? How to manage corporate intellectual property in order stay competitive in the market? How can organizations fully exploit their potential and capture maximum value for growth and success?

The second-year modules in Kaunas are designed and executed by top academic researchers, and therefore are strongly research oriented. By introducing students to the state-of-the-art in academic research, the aim is to give them necessary tools to properly understand, evaluate and solve real-life cases, and to successfully conduct their final master degree project research.

The problem-based-learning approach adopted at KTU is intended to disclose a full variety of the problems related to technology venturing that arise in a wide range of different contexts, including: manufacturing, services, small to large organizations and the private and public sectors. The modules comprise:

The student is required to achieve 60 ECTS points at KTU which comprise 30 ECTS points for the 3rd semester modules and 30 ECTS for the thesis in the 4th semester.