University of Strathclyde

The Global Design Management specialisation taught during the second year of the GTIME programme at the University of Strathclyde (UoS) in Glasgow (Scotland) focuses on enabling the systematic role of design in linking creativity to innovation throughout the product development process; from conceptualisation through production and delivery to the market place. The programme aims to develop graduates with management capability who can deploy well-coordinated global product development strategies, operations and projects towards innovation within contemporary industrial settings. Graduates will understand design in innovation as a rigorous engineering process through which innovation can be driven and realised in a competitive global economy, and as a human centred approach that can discover latent societal needs and problems and develop solutions that are sensitive to the needs of all stakeholders.

Different modules introduce the students to key concepts within complex innovative design processes and management approaches, management of globally distributed creative teams at partner universities and the Postgraduate Group Project places student teams to work with an industrial client on a real world solution to client’s prioritised brief. Students may integrate and apply design, manufacturing and operations management knowledge and skills to an industry based product and process development project and further develop project management skills. The latter half of the second year at the University of Strathclyde is characterised by the Global Research Project as an individual research project for which the student develops a relevant study topic of interest then executes, documents and presents critical research findings.

These taught and project based modules are supplemented by 2 modules chosen by the students from an approved list of optional modules. These include human centred design, design aesthetics, design methods, sustainable design and remanufacturing, product costing and financial management, quality management and lean six sigma, technology and innovation management, systems thinking, supply chain management and enterprise resource planning.

For further questions regarding the second year in Glasgow, please contact:

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