Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

The second-year specialisation of Technology and Innovation Management in Japan at APU introduces the students to innovation processes and management approaches used in Japan. Since the global success of Japanese companies, practitioners and scholars around the world have shown an increased interest in and appreciation for Japanese management principles and innovative practices. Japanese companies have for a long time adapted Western ideas of quality and innovation to the Japanese context and introduced new and innovative innovation processes and management techniques. Japan is still a leading driver in the migration toward global operations, integrating design, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of products and services globally.

The second year in Japan adds to the global character of the master in innovation and technology management. Considering the renowned innovation process of the industry in Japan and the unique innovation processes used in Japan, it is a clear advantage to have focused course- and seminar modules about Japanese product and process innovation conduced in Japan. The students who choose Ritsumeikan University in Japan as their second year destination gain invaluable insights into the Japanese approach to innovation and the international competitiveness that arises from it based on the following modules:

The student is required to achieve 60 ECTS points at APU which comprise 30 ECTS points for the 3rd semester modules and 30 ECTS for the thesis in the 4th semester.