Multi-antenna technology for 5G and beyond

Erik Dahlman
Ericsson, Sweden


The first release of 5G/NR wireless-access technology is now being commercially deployed with 3GPP standardization focusing on the evolution of 5G. Compared to earlier generations of wireless communication, multi-antenna transmission play a much more important role in 5G. This is especially true for operation in higher frequency bands where the use of beam-forming is critical to ensure sufficient coverage. However, multi-antenna technology is important also for lower frequencies as a tool to enhance the radio-access efficiency in terms of system capacity and achievable data rates. This talk will provide an overview of 5G/NR multi-antenna technology, including current status as well as the expected evolution in future NR releases and beyond.

DahlmanErik Dahlman

Erik Dahlman is Senior Expert Radio Access Technologies within Ericsson. He has been deeply involved in the development of all 3GPP wireless access technologies, from the early 3G technologies (WCDMA(HSPA), via 4G LTE, and most recently the 5G NR technology. He current work is focusing on the evolution of 5G as well as technologies applicable to future beyond 5G wireless access.
Erik Dahlman is the co-author of the books 3G Evolution – HSPA and LTE for Mobile Broadband, 4G – LTE and LTE-Advanced for mobile broadband, 4G – LTE-Advanced Pro and The Road to 5G and, most recently, 5G NR – The Next Generation Wireless Access Technology.