Dynamics Group

The Dynamics Group is part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at TUHH.

Our work is focussed on frontline research topics in structural dynamics and nonlinear waves. Our fields of interest include waves in structures and fluids, extreme events, nonlinear dynamics in fluids, structures and solids, and friction.

Nonlinear Waves and Extreme Events

Our investigations are focussed on nonlinear waves, solitary waves, and breathers. Fundamental questions of nonlinear wave mechanics, as well as questions with respect to fluid-structure-interaction are tackled. Applications are in the fields of Ocean Engineering, Wave Energy Conversion, Vibration Engineering, and Solid Mechanics.

Nonlinear Structural Dynamics

Our interest is primarily in structural dynamics of friction excited and friction affected systems. The questions that challenge us arise from nonlinear structural dynamics, bifurcation analysis, and multi-scale physics. Applications are in Vehicle Systems, Offshore Engineering, and Biomechanics.