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Post-exam reviews / Klausureinsichten


The Vibration Theory post-exam review will take place on March 20th, 2023 and the Nonlinear Dynamics post-exam review will take place on March 21th, 2022. Both reviews will take place at the Schloßmühlendamm 30 (room 220). The following must be respected for the course of the exam review:

  • The review takes place in the form of individual appointments.

  • You have to register for an appointment until March 16th

  • Register via e-mail. You will receive a confirmation and the time slot you have been assigned to. Optionally add time slots that you would prefer or in which you could not participate to the email.

    • Vibration Theory: jakob.ohlsen[at]

    • Nonlinear Dynamics: m.hartmann[at]

  • The review time is limited to a maximum of ten minutes

  • During the review verbal inquiries are not allowed. Comments/questions can be made in writing and will be followed up by e-mail

  • Please be on time