Leveraging Patents Financially

Dominic de Vries

Leveraging Patents Financially
A Company Perspective

Intangible assets such as patents have become important competitive factors and key elements in the value structure of technology-intensive companies. While patents represent the technological capital to a large extent, they are not adequately represented in the field of corporate financing. Based on expert interviews and a large-scale survey, Dominic de Vries provides one of the first in-depth empirical studies into how patents contribute to companies' access to external financial sources. He identifies and analyzes the actual extent and factors of influence of a financial patent utilization across company size clusters and patent intensive industry sectors in Germany.


  • Patents as financial assets
  • Patent-based financing instruments
  • Empirical relevance of patent-based financing activities
  • Influence factors for companies to leverage patents financially

Target Groups
Researchers and practitioners in the fields of technology and innovation management, intellectual property management, and corporate financing.

About the Author
Dr. Dominic de Vries has been a research associate at the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management of Prof. Dr. Cornelius Herstatt (Hamburg University of Technology). He is the founder and managing partner of a spin-off company.