Luise M. Degen, M.Sc.


Luise M. Degen, M.Sc.

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Luise M. Degen started her position as a doctoral student and research assistant at the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) at the TUHH in August 2020. Her overall research focus lies on the topic of Circular Economy.

For her Bachelor’s, Luise M. Degen studied Business and Management at the Hochschule Osnabrück (Bachelor of Arts) and completed her Master's in Global Technology and Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at the TUHH in cooperation with the Aalborg University in Denmark (Master of Science with Honours). Her research focus lies on paradoxical tensions within organisations when innovating for Circular Economy.

Next to her research, Luise M. Degen is responsible for the strategic programme development of the institutes Master’s programme Global Technology and Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. She is also part of the TUHH University Innovation Fellows team, which is a programme offered by the that enables students to become leaders of change and supports the Ideenschmiede, a student platform, which promotes the exchange between students, founders and researchers in the field of innovation & entrepreneurship.

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