User Innovation

The research focus of (Single) User innovation is particularly concerned with the question of how individual users are stimulated by the context, motivation factors and available resources to innovate. Firstly, here the focus is on innovations that take place externally in the use environment of the user, outside or without the support of a firm. Secondly, we look at how the creativity and innovation work of users is activated within a company. For example we look at, who use products of their firms in their free time intensively (Embedded lead users) and by that gain not only deep experience but also specific needs for improving these products. For a starting point in this research field we recommend our following books here:

Viktor Braun, Cornelius Herstatt
Barriers to Democratization and IP Licensing

Tim Schweisfurth
Embedded Lead Users inside the Firm
How Innovative User Employees contribute to the Corporate Product Innovation Process