Trends of Digital Banking in Germany

Investigation of Trends of Digital Banking in Germany

Dr. Rajnish Tiwari and Julian Selders have initiated a study of trends in digital banking with a special focuse on the German banking sector.


Image courtesy: Creative Commons, Wikimedia.

The study will investigate the current trends in an empricial settings that involves qualitative expert interviews and a quantitative survey of (potential) mobile banking users.

The study is part of a long-standing research project that regularly investigates prospects of mobile banking and mobile commerce in Germany, juxtaposing them with global perspectives. In the following there are some examples of our previously published research:

Perspektiven des Mobile Banking in Deutschland: Implikationen auf Basis einer Untersuchung von Angebot, Nutzern und Umfeld, von: Constantin Grabner, Rajnish Tiwari und Stephan Buse (2016).
Perspektiven des Mobile Commerce in Deutschland: Grundlagen, Strategien, Kundenakzeptanz, Erfolgsfaktoren, Herausgeber: Stephan Buse und Rajnish Tiwari (2008).
The Mobile Commerce Prospects: A Strategic Analysis of Opportunities in the Banking Sector, von: Rajnish Tiwari and Stephan Buse (2007)
Mobile Banking as Business Strategy: Impact of Mobile Technologies on Customer Behaviour and its Implications for Banks, von: Rajnish Tiwari, Stephan Buse und Cornelius Herstatt (2006)
The German Banking Sector: Competition, Consolidation & Contentment, von: Rajnish Tiwari and Stephan Buse (2006)

Media coverage of our previous research can be found here:

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