How Firms Can Strategically Influence Open Source Communities

Viktor Lee

How Firms Can Strategically Influence Open Source Communities
The Employment of 'Men on the Inside'

irms have discovered that open source (OS) communities can be valuable sources of innovation. However, the access for firms to these communities turned to be intricate. One proven way of how firms can enter OS com-munities is via their personnel ("men on the inside"). Focusing on firm-sponsored OS communities, Viktor Lee detects the specific functions of MOI and how these individuals influence the community network by apply┬Čing a comparative case study of two OSS firms. A netnographic and social network analysis of the community interactions of over 12,000 individuals was conducted. He concludes that firms can succeed in integrating a com-munity into the firm's development process with the help of the MOI.


  • Open source Innovation
  • Dynamic Capabilities
  • Social Capital
  • Social Network Analysis

Target Groups Researchers
and students in the field of innovation management; practitioners in the field of strategy and innovation management.

About the Author
Dr. Viktor Lee completed his doctoral thesis at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Cornelius Herstatt at the Institute for Technology- and Innovation Management Department. He is working as a management consultant.