Market Orientation in Innovation Management

Cornelius Herstatt and Christian Lüthje (Hrsg.)

Market Orientation in Innovation Management
Special Issue: International Journal of Technology Management Vol. 26, No. 516, 2003


439 Cornelius Herstatt and Christian Lüthje

442 Sören Salomo, Fee Steinhoff and Volker Trommsdorff
Customer orientation in innovation projects and new product development success - the moderating effect of product innovativeness

464 Klaus Brockhoff
Customers' perspectives of involvement in new product development

482 Thomas Ritter and Achim Walter
Relationship-specific antecedents of customer involvement in new productdevelopment

502 Henrik Sattler
Appropriability of product innovations: an empirical analysis for Germany

517 Hans-Horst Schröder and Antonie J.M. Jetter
Integrating market and technological knowledge in the fuzzy front end: an FCM-based action support System

540 Holger Ernst and Jan Henrik Soll
An integrated portfolio approach to support market-oriented R&D planning

561 Christian Lüthje, Christopher Lettl and Cornelius Herstatt
Knowledge distribution among market experts: a closer look into the efficiency of information gathering for innovation projects

578 Nikolaus Franke and Frank T. Piller
Key research issues in user interaction with user toolkits in a mass customisation System

600 Marc Gruber
Research an marketing in emerging firms: key issues and open questions

621 Thorsten Teichert and Katja Rost
Trust, involvement profile and customer retention - modelling, effects and implications

640 Ursula Weisenfeld, Dirk Nissen and Kathrin Gassert
The role of knowledge and information in innovation: the case of genetic engineering

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ISSN 0267-5730