Prof. Dr. Daniel Ehls

Adjunct Professor

Prof. Dr. Daniel Ehls

Room: D 3.013
Phone: +49/(0)40 42878-4429
Fax :+49/(0)40 42878-2867


… Is Senior Research Fellow, head of the open and user innovation research group and the principal investigator of the joint research project “Open Foresight”.

Daniel received his PhD in 2013 from Hamburg University of Technology for his research on joining decisions contingent on the micro foundations of openness in open collaborative innovation communities. Prior his academic path, he studied Technology Management at the University of Stuttgart (Germany) and Nottingham (England) and worked from 2007 to 2011 as management advisor at the consulting firm Accenture in the domain of technology strategy and product development.

His current research concentrates on the domains of open and user innovation as well as organization theory and problem solving. In particular, he examines distributed innovation processes, integrating externals into foresight activities, the collapse of open collaborative communities, as well as idea development and crowdsourcing . His research builds on mixed research approaches and empirical data, for which he frequently collaborates with business corporations and communities. He has edited the book (together with Prof. Cornelius Herstatt) “Open Source Innovation - The Phenomenon, Participant's Behavior, Business Implication” (Routeledge, 2015). He also teaches in the ‘TIME’ (Technology- and Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship) domain at Hamburg University of Technology, as well as other universities. He was visiting scholar at Tokyo Tech University [Prof. Shuzo Fujimura, 2014] and is since September 2015 visiting scholar at the Crowd Innovation Lab [Prof. Karim Lakhani] at Harvard University.


  • Post-doctoral Merit Scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service for visiting Harvard University (2015-2016)
    Grant of the Centre for Teaching and Learning, TUHH, for teaching Innovation (2016)

  • Ministry of Science and Research, Hamburg, accepted proposal of the Initiative to enable Research Excellence (together with Prof. Herstatt (TUHH), Prof. Spaeth (Hamburg University, Chair of Digital Markets), Prof. Koller (Helmut Schmidt University, Chair for Technology and Innovation Management) (2015-2017)

  • Travel grant of the German Academic Exchange Service for visiting the Academy of Management conference in Philadelphia (USA) (2014)

  • Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Japan, for visiting TokyoTech University (2014)
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