Dipl.-Ing. MTM Moritz Göldner

Doctoral Student

Dipl.-Ing. MTM Moritz Göldner

Room: D 3.008
Phone: +49/(0)40 42878-3775
Fax :+49/(0)40 42878-2867

E-Mail: moritz.goeldner@tuhh.de


... studied Electrical Engineering at Technischen Universität Berlin and at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2004 - 2007), and Biomedical Engineering at TUHH (2007 - 2012) as well as Technology Management at Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT) (2009 - 2012). During his studies, he worked two years at the Discovery-Team of Johnson and Johnson Medical. Moritz wrote his diploma thesis at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology (EMB) in Lübeck. Moritz joined the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management in September 2012. His research focuses on User Innovation in the healthcare sector by patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. Further, he is interested the emergence of new technologies like medical smartphone apps, care robotics and regenerative medicine.

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