Dr. rer. pol. Katharina Kalogerakis

Visiting Fellow

Dr. rer. pol. Katharina Kalogerakis

Room: D 3.002
Phone: +49/(0)40 42878-3951
Fax :+49/(0)40 42878-2867

E-Mail: katharina.kalogerakis@tuhh.de


Dr. Katharina Kalogerakis works as a senior research fellow in the research area "Frugal Innovation". Before her doctorate at the TIM-Institute, she studied industrial engineering and management at the University of Karlsruhe. Her dissertation project was focused on the early stages of product development, in particular on the application of innovative analogies. The recourse to knowledge from distant but analogous fields of knowledge can lead to very innovative solutions. In addition, efficiency gains are possible by the use of existing approaches or technologies from other industries. Her publication "Developing Innovations Based on Analogies" in the Journal of Product Innovation Management received the "Thomas P. Hustad Best Paper Award 2010".

Following her doctorate, she continued her work at the TIM-Institute with externally funded research projects. She initially worked on the IGF project 426 ZN DIA.log (Discovering Innovative Analogies in Logistics) and afterwards on the IGF project 18082 N OI.log (Open Innovation in Logistics). Currently, she works on the BMBF funded research project "Potentials of Frugal Innovations".

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