M.Sc. Sara Polier (née Heuschneider)

Doctoral Student

M.Sc. Sara Polier (née Heuschneider)

Room: D 3.019
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E-Mail: sara.polier@tuhh.de


…is a research associate and PhD candidate at the Institute of Technology and Innovation Management, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany. Her research focuses on the areas of open innovation and open foresight, where she investigates the external search for future discontinuities and trends by utilizing distributed knowledge sources such as users, supply chain partners or universities in the firm context. Before starting her PhD, she studied Business Information Systems at Georg-August-University of Goettingen, Germany and University of Warwick, UK. Since 2013, Mrs. Polier works as a business consultant at McKinsey & Company, where she was engaged in IT-related projects in various industries such as telecommunications, IT, and healthcare. As part of her consulting work she focused on projects in the area of digitization, innovation and large-scale transformations.

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