Genetics Literacy Assessment Instrument (GLAI)

Biology, Genetics
Bowling BV
No. of Items:
FOUR ITEMS PROVIDED in Bowling et al. Genetics 2008; ALL in Moskalik 2007

Bowling BV, Acra EE, Wang L, Myers MF, Dean GE, Markle GC, Moskalik CL, Huether CA. 2008. Development and evaluation of a genetics literacy assessment instrument for undergraduates. Genetics 178: 15-22.

Bowling BV, Huether CA, Wang L, Myers MF, Markle GC, Dean GE, Acra EE, Wray FP, Jacob, GA. 2008. Genetic literacy of undergraduate non-science majors and the impact of introductory biology and genetics courses. BioScience 58: 654-660.

Moskalik, CL. 2007. I. Impact of a Genetics Education Workshop on Faculty Participants II. Investigations of Undergraduate Genetic Literacy. Thesis (M.S.), University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati OH, Arts and Sciences: Biological Sciences, 2007. (available at and accessed March 20 2011)

[Note: Instrument appears in the document above. The instrument was called Genetics Literacy Concept Inventory (GLCI) in the thesis and is called Genetics Literacy Assessment Instrument (GLAI) in most places in the BioScience paper, and always GLAI in the Genetics paper. Items appearing in Bowling, Acra, et al. 2008, match those in Moskalik 2007.]