Thinking like a Biologist: Using diagnostic questions to help students to reason with biological principles (Thinking like a Biologist)

No. of Items:
16 DQC sets of ~7 items each, MC, TF, open-ended. ITEMS PROVIDED ON-LINE at

D'Avanzo C, Anderson CW, Griffith A, Merrill J. 2011. Thinking like a biologist. Using diagnostic questions to help students reason with biological principles. (accessed 30 January 2011;

[The site at has Diagnostic Question Clusters (DQC's) organized by three ecological topics (Carbon Cycling, Energy Flow in Ecosystems, Climate Change), and by three biological processes (Photosynthesis, Biosynthesis, Cellular Respiration) - with two DQCs each; plus one each DQC under topics Gasoline, Biofuels, Carbon in Nature, and Carbon Balance. Some items appear in more than one DQC.]