Zentrum für Lehre und Lernen


The Engineering Education Research Group works in close collaboration with the Center of Teaching and Learning (ZLL). Their goal lies in the scientifically based development of contemporary teaching methods in engineering science. We support the ZLL with our research.

More information can be found on the ZLL homepage. (German only)


Integrated Graduate School of SFB 986
Taylor-Made Multi-Scale Materials Systems

As an integrated part of the SFB 986, the graduate school “MGK” provides an organizational framework for graduating within the SFB and additionally offers technical skill and interdisciplinary competence for the PhD students. In this way, the students for are fully prepared for their future occupations in academia and industry, and also enhance their competitiveness in the areas of their activity. The graduate school is organized and supervised by members of the Engineering Education Research Group Christian Kautz, Nils Gayer and Layla Tulimat.

The immediate objectives of the integrated research training are (1) to reinforce the PhD students’ specialized education and place it on a broad basis, (2) to support the networking and cooperation between the doctoral students of various SFB projects, (3) to promote the scientific autonomy of the participants, (4) to communicate basic knowledge and skills regarding scientific teaching, and (5) to further develop key competences of the students (including so-called “soft skills”).


EU-Project „readySTEMgo“

For more information on the “readySTEMgo” project, please refer to the German page or the official project website (KU Leuven)