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Description of Wastewater Treatment Facilities Operation & Control

The substance of how to operate the treatment facility lies within this section. This section is intended to provide a description of the various treatment plant components and their function. Each component should be presented in a sequential order and discussed individually. The narrative should discuss the treatment system from the point of generation (including the conveyance system) through the treatment processes to final disposal.

The method for operating each unit of the treatment system shall be discussed in this section. For example, if pretreatment tanks are proposed then how often they require sludge removal should be mentioned.

The O&M manual shall include the manufacturer’s operating, maintenance and repair instructions for all process units and appurtenances associated with the WWTF such as:

motors, pumps, valves, blowers, bearings, drive assemblies, control panels, electrical systems, alarms, piping, tankage, and equipment. This information can be incorporated into the body of the Operation and Control of Wastewater Treatment Facilities section or included as appendices. This section shall go on to provide detailed instructions on treatment plant operation including chemical storage and handling, process testing, standard operational mode, optional modes available (such as seasonal operations), process controls and safeguards.

If the WWTP includes storage of chemicals that are required as part of the treatment process (e.g. methanol) the O&M must provide information such as name, address, and telephone number for each chemical supplier.

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