Loay Alkafafi

Research Topic: Time and Frequency Optimal Motion Control of CNC Machine Tools

Filipe Fontanele

Research Topic: Localised Vibrations in Cyclic Structures

Sebastian Kruse

Research Topic: Ein ganzheitlicher Simulationsansatz zur Vermeidung von Flatterschwingungen

Sönke Neumann

Research Topic: Fluid-structure interaction of flexible lifting bodies

Jakob Schwarz

Research Topic: An Efficient Isogeometric Boundary Element Framework Enabling Interactive Simulation

Bernhard Stingl

Research Topic: Dynamik trockener Reibung in technischer Anwendung

Arne Wenzel

Research Topic: Modeling lifting dynamics in hydrodynamics

Boris Wernitz

Research Topic: Friction Interface Mechanics and Self Induced Vibrations

Andy Witt

Research Topic: Inducing Predefined Nonlinear Rogue Waves on Basis of Breather Solutions