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Teaching & Student Projects

Please register at the E-Learning System Stud-IP for our lectures. General and actual information can be found on the corresponding StudIP pages.


Nonlinear Dynamics

Introduction to phenomena and methods in nonlinear dynamics. Lectures with integrated problems.

Advanced Topics in Vibration

Course on selected topics in vibrations. Lectures and work on problems with a seminar.

Linear and Nonlinear Waves

Course on phenomena and methods in linear and nonlinear waves. Lectures and work on selected problems with a seminar.

Vibration Theory

Introduction to physical principles and mathematical treatment of vibrations. Lectures and integrated problems.

The Dynamics Group supports E-Learning

All lectures are accompanied by a StudIP group to share lecture notes as well as organisatorial details.

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Student Projects and Thesis Topics

Investigation and comparison of commercial and open source FEM tools using NAFEMS benchmark tests

Bachelor's ThesisProjectHiWiComplex Dynamics

Evaluating the efficiency of numerical methods or tools is critical for determining their capabilities and decisive for cost benefit analysis in…

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Feasibility study of a stationary forecast system for offshore wind parks

Master's ThesisOffshore Dynamics

Due to the higher resource (faster and more regular wind) and minimized impact on human activities, more and more wind parks are installed offshore…

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Investigation of nonlinear wave-ice-interaction

Master's ThesisOffshore Dynamics

The sea ice and its interaction with waves affect the global climate as well as the feasibility of human operations in Arctic waters. Waves penetrate…

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Analysis of the performance and stability of aero-engines during crosswind and take-off conditions

Master's ThesisProjectComplex Dynamics

The aim of project is analyse the performance and stability of aero-engines during crosswind and take-off conditions. The work is carried out using…

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On the aerodynamics of compressor tip leakage flow using hybrid RANS/LES simulations

Master's ThesisProjectComplex Dynamics

Compressor is an essential component in aircraft engines, gas turbines, automotive turbochargers, etc. Its aerodynamic performances are highly…

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Datenanalyse von Brücken und Messungen der Baudynamik

Master's ThesisInternshipMachine Learning DynamicsComplex Dynamics

Werkstudent/Masterand im Bereich Datenanalyse von Brücken und Messungen der Baudynamik. Das Verkehrsaufkommen steigt und gleichzeitig weisen immer…

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Akustische Schallquellen und Übertragungspfade von integrierten Bremsregelsystemen

Master's ThesisMachine Learning DynamicsComplex Dynamics

Ventilschaltungen und Stellmotor-Aktuierungen bei Funktionseingriffen übertragen sich in den Innenraum und werden vor allem bei Elektrofahrzeugen in…

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Implementation of the basin stability concept in programming language Julia

Master's ThesisInternshipMachine Learning DynamicsComplex Dynamics

The Dynamics Group is currently working on an open-source software package for computing the basin stability of nonlinear dynamical systems. The basin…

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Bewertung der linearen Abhängigkeit von komplexen Eigenvektoren auf Basis des komplexen Modal Assurance Criterions

Bachelor's ThesisMachine Learning DynamicsComplex Dynamics

Bachelorarbeit bei der Dynamics Group in Kooperation mit der Volkswagen AG zum Thema „Bewertung der linearen Abhängigkeit von komplexen Eigenvektoren…

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Unsolicited Application

Feel free to approach us! If you are interested in our research and you are looking for a student project or thesis topic in our area of research - send us an unsolicited application. Please include details on your personal research interests as well as a short overview on completed works and/or projects. Programming experience (Python, C++, Matlab, ...) is in many cases beneficial but not mandatory.  We are looking forward to getting in touch with you.