Dr.-Ing. Marco Klein

Bio: Dr.-Ing. Marco Klein graduated as Diplom-Ingenieur (Dipl.-Ing.) in naval architecture and ocean engineering from the Technical University Berlin (TUB) in 2006. Prior to his current position as Head of Ship Performance Department at DLR Institute of Maritime Energy Systems, he worked as senior researcher at Institute for Structural Dynamics Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), as post-doctoral researcher at Institute for Ship Structural Design and Analysis (TUHH) as well as research assistant at the Ocean Engineering Division at TUB where he received his doctorate in 2015. He received the Curt-Bartsch-Award (2015) from the German Society of Naval Architects (STG) for his doctoral thesis „Tailoring critical wave sequences for response based design“. As a visiting scientist, he remains connected to the institute and supports research in the field of offshore dynamics.

Research: Marco Klein is an expert in hydromechanics problems related to offshore structures and ships exposed to the sea. His research activities comprise experimental and numerical research on waves in terms of (non-linear) propagation, kinematics, formation mechanism and occurrence of extreme waves as well as wave-structure-interaction in terms of seakeeping characteristics, design wave concepts and operational ranges for arbitrary vessels and offshore structures. Furthermore, he is developing a decision support system for the identification of optimal weather conditions for offshore operations using deterministic motion prediction of the involved structures.

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  • EproBOSS - Echtzeitprognose der Bewegung von Offshore-Strukturen im Seegang; Nichtlineare Prognose von Seegang und Strukturbewegung, Wellenableitung und Implementierung , BMWi FKZ 03SX510A (Link)

  • Nichtlineare Welle-Eis-Interaktion, DFG KL 3246/1-1 (Link)

Wave-structure-interaction, non-linear waves, extreme waves and response, tailored critical wave groups, non-linear wave and motion prediction, digital twin concepts, machine learning for maritime applications