Dr. Sebastian Oberst

Bio:  Sebastian Oberst joined the University of Technology Sydney in 2017 and holds Visiting Fellowships at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and a Senior Research Position at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). He previously worked at the Imperial College London (Endeavour Fellowship), the Technical University Munich, and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Canberra as Postdoctoral Fellow/ Research Associate.

Sebastian Oberst did his PhD in vibro-acoustics at the UNSW Canberra under the supervision of Prof Joseph C.S. Lai. His PhD focussed on friction-induced instabilities, in particular its nonlinear dynamics and radiated sound. He was employed as ARC Research Associate/ Teaching Fellow (2011-2014) working on termite communication and as Research Associate/ Mechanical Engineering (2015-2016) working for UNSW Canberra Space. In 2015 he was awarded an Endeavour Postdoctoral Research Fellowship by the Australian Government to work on biomechanics (hip squeak) at the Imperial College London together with Prof Norbert Hoffmann. In 2016 the Australian Academy of Sciences nominated Dr Oberst for a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship (JSPSF); he took also the role of a Chief investigator on a DFG project (Priority Program SPP 1897); both the JSPSF and the CI position he revoked to take a permanent position as Senior Lecturer at the newly founded Centre for Audio, Acoustics and Vibration (UTS). His current research interest lies in extracting acoustic signatures of insects and the application of NTSA to various oscillatory phenomena.

Research: Sebastian Oberst has worked in dynamics, vibrations and acoustics since 2007. His main research interests are:

  • Nonlinear dynamics

    In particular the use of Nonlinear Time Series Analysis applied to instability predictions as applied to friction-induced vibrations (brake squeal), micro-vibrations in thin-elastic structures (space engineering), oscillatory phenomena of hydrothermal systems (geology).

  • Bioacoustics and behavioural ecology

    Studying interspecies vibrational communication (biotremology) in ants and termites; and foraging decisions of termites based on biotremology


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Peer-reviewed journal publications

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Current projects

Automotive Disc Brake Squeal [Vibro-acoustics, Friction-induced vibrations]

Physics-informed Learning, Physics-consistent machine Learning

Explainable machine learning

  • Selected Topics in Advanced Vibrations
  • Nonlinear Dynamics

Talks and Presentations

  • (17.02.2021) GAMM Annual Meeting: Machine Learning for Nonlinear Dynamics. Kassel/Germany (virtual event)
  • (05.02.2021) GAMM Fachauschuss Dynamik und Regelungstheorie: Machine Learning for Nonlinear Mechanical Vibrations. (virtual event)
  • (2020) International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering (ISMA): Deep learning for predicting brake squeal. Leuven / Netherlands
  • ... to be completed soon!