Bringing Technology and Innovation into the Boardroom

The European Institute for Technology and Innovation Management

Bringing Technology and Innovation into the Boardroom
Strategy, Innovation and Competences for Business Value

Europe is waking up to the challenge of technology and innovation. We see a European Union commitment to spend 3 per cent of GDP an R&D, but who is thinking about how to spend? Who is thinking about innovation strategy and process? Does the corporate Board have the means to manage this spend? Should some percentage of the R&D be spent an improving technology and innovation management?

This is where this book makes a contribution. lt brings together the tatest practice, research findings and thinking, presented in a way that addresses top-management requirements. The goal is to secure the economic future of the firm, in the context of a sustainable industry and society. Using the ideas and methods in this book, the Board can assess and improve its ability to deal with the challenge of technology and innovation.


VIII Acknowledgement
IX Foreword
XI Introduction
IX Notes on the Contributor

Part I Meeting the Challenge of Technology and Innovation

3 David Probert
Executive Summery

7 Hugo Tschirky
EWake-up Call for General Management: It's Technology Time

19 Hugo Tschirky
DBringing Technology to the Boardroom: What Does It Mean?

47 Thomas Durand
The Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation

76 David Durand, Clare Farrukh and Robert Phaal
OStructuring a Systematic Approach to the Technology
Managemnt:Processes and Framework

Part II Strategy:Using Technology and Innovation Strategically

95 Thomas Durand
Executive Summery

99 Robert Phaal, Clare Farrukh and David Probert
Technology in Strategy and Planning

124 Thomas Durand
Strategic Option When Facing Technological Change:
Trigger or Sharpe, Strech or Re-deploy

133 Ove Granstrand
Multi-Technology Managemnt: The Economics and Management of Technology Diversification

Part III Competence: Bulding Up and Exploiting Technology Assets

167 Ove Granstrand and Arie Nagel
Executive Summary

171 Hans-Helmut Jung and Hugo Tschirky
How to Evaluate Technology Performance: Tasks and Structur of Technology Performance Control

190 Ove Granstrand
From R&D/Technology Management to IP/IC Management

220 Pascal Savioz and Hugo Tschirky
Technology Intelligence System: Benefits and Roles of Top Management

237 Jean-Philippe Escher and Hugo Tschirky
Technology Marketing: A New Core Competence of Technology.Based Enterprises

255 Geert Duysters, Arie Nagel and Ash Vasudevan
Changing the Rules of the Game: Stretegic Alliance, the New Competitive Weapon

269 Jeff Butler
New Challenges for R&D Management

Part IV Innovation: Fostering and Managing the Innovation Process

295 Cornelius Herstatt
Executive Summery

299 Thomas Durand
Promoting Innovation in Organizations Unable to Innovate

326 Cornelius Herstatt and Birgit Verworn
Innovation Process Models and Their Evolution

347 Cornelius Herstatt and Birgit Verworn
The 'Fuzzy Front End' of Innovation

373 Cornelius Herstatt
Market Research for Radical Innovation

387 Johannes I.M. Halman, Jimme A. Keizer and Michael Song
Strategic Decision-Making About Technology-Based Projects:
Development and Use of a Risk Reference Framework

411 Index