Managing Innovation Driven Companies

Hugo Tschirky, Cornelius Herstatt, David Probert, Dilek Cetindamar, Massimo G. Colombo, Thomas Durand , Petra C. de Weerd-Nederhof and Tim Schweisfurth

Managing Innovation Driven Companies
Approaches in Practice

This book emphasizes the practical side of Technology and Innovation Management. It includes significant contribution to the practice of strategizing, management of competences and innovation management. The findings presented on these selected topics are research-based, however each contribution covers the implementation of the research results.


Developing Innovation Strategies: How to Start? - A Systemic Approach using the Innovation Architecture; H.Tschirky & G.Trauffler
Organization of International Market Introduction: Can Cooperation between Central Units and Local Product Management Influence Success?; A.Baumgarten, C.Herstatt & C.Fantapié Altobelli
M&A and Innovation: the Role of Relatedness between Target and Acquirer; B.Cassiman, M.G.Colombo & L.Rabbiosi
Revisiting the Firm's R&D and Technological Ecosystem - a Case from a Large IT Firm; T.Durand
Getting Value from Technology: A Process Approach; C.Farrukh, D.Probert & R.Phaal
Successful New Product Development by Optimizing Development Process Effectiveness in Highly Regulated Sectors: the Case of the Spanish Medical Devices Sector; A.J.J.Pullen, C.Cabello-Medina, Weerd-Nederhof, K.Visscher & A.J.Groen
Roadmapping at Printco: One Company's Experience; R.Mitchell, R.Phaal, C.J.P.Farrukh & D.R.Probert
Performance Measurement in Supply Chain Collaboration; D.Cetindamar & B.Çatay
Understanding Discontinuous Technology and Radical Innovation; G.Trauffler & H.Tschirky
Market Research for Radical Innovations – Lessons from a Lead User Project in the Field of Medical Products; C.Herstatt
Relying on Experts: How to Effectively Gather Information for Innovation Projects from Market Specialists; C.Herstatt, C.Lüthje & C.Lettl
Generating Innovations Through Analogies - an Empirical Investigation of Knowledge Broker; K.Kalogerakis, C.Herstatt & C.Lüthje