Global & Frugal Innovation

More and more companies from different industries are today investing in the development of R & D resources in the world, where so-called emerging countries like China and India are becoming increasingly important, for example, as lead markets for innovation. These investment decisions are dependent on various factors and have implications for the technology and innovation management in strategic and organizational terms. On this topic, we focus on the study of 1) lead markets for innovation, 2) so-called "Frugal innovations" (refer to our separate homepage and further diverse topics of global innovation management (see here our other, separate homepage

As literature entry, we recommend our following books:

Rajnish Tiwari, Cornelius Herstatt
Aiming Big with Small Cars
Emergence of a Lead Market in India

Aditi Ramdorai, Cornelius Herstatt
Frugal Innovation in Healthcare
How Targeting Low-Income Markets Leads to Disruptive Innovation