Using AI in the innovation process

The analogy transfer method is a brainstorming method that is based on the comparison of two different things that have a similar structure or function. For example, one can get inspired by an F1 pit stop team to improve a hospital emergency room, or by a snake to design a flexible robotic arm. The goal is to find new solutions for problems by asking how someone or something else solved or would solve the problem.

The analogy transfer method has several benefits for innovation. It can help to build empathy with the users, synthesize and define information, and generate new ideas around a problem. It can also facilitate the cognitive processes that are required for solving unstructured problems. Moreover, it can improve communication and motivation by explaining complex issues in an understandable and appealing way.

To apply the analogy transfer method, one needs a source of analogies, such as a database of patents, products, or inventions. One can also create one’s own collection of analogies by exploring or observing different domains. Then, one has to define a problem statement and look for analogies that have a similar structure or function. One can consider different aspects of the problem, such as the purpose, the mechanisms, or the users. Finally, one has to analyze the found analogies and try to transfer their features to one’s own problem.

In your master thesis you will prove how and if AI can be a good counterpart during the analogy transfer method. You will compare here real data from workshops with the data you generate by using AI. The different ideas should be evaluated.

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