Open Innovation in R&D Departments

Verena Nedon

Open Innovation in R&D Departments
An Analysis of Employees' Intention to Exchange Knowledge in OI-Projects

Based on interviews with R&D managers and a survey amongst R&D employees, Verena Nedon shows that perceived social pressure has an immense impact on R&D employees working in Ol-projects. Employees' attitude (regardless of whether positive or negative) and perceived behavioral control play an important, but not dominant role. The study also implies that intrinsic motivators have a stronger effect on employees' willingness to engage in knowledge exchange with external partners than extrinsic components. By targeting a set of relevant questions related to the human side of open innovation, the study significantly contributes to the micro-foundation of Ol-Iresearch and sheds light on the hitherto neglected perspective of employees engaged in Ol-projects. The findings are relevant for scholars, companies already following the Ol-approach, and Ol-newcomers.


  • Knowledge Exchange in Ol-Projects
  • Individual Behavior
  • Theory of Planned Behavior
  • Managerial Implications

Target Groups

  • Researchers and students of Innovation Management (Open Innovation), R&D, and Business Psychology
  • People who are interested in Innovation Management (Open Innovation), R&D, and Project Management

The Author
Verena Nedon does research on open innovation at the Institute of Technology and Innovation Management (TUHH), focusing on knowledge exchange between R&D employees and external partners in Ol-projects.